beam pattern headlight

How to get the best beam pattern LED headlight kit?

The problem we have in headlight beam quality

On the blog “How to identify the LED headlight beam pattern”, we talked about the dangers of poor beam pattern. Like, producing scattered lighting to blind the opposite vehicles’ drivers, can’t light up further distance, weakening our visibility etc. Ok, after knowing this knowledge you must want to know: how to get an LED headlight bulb with perfect beam pattern?

Just follow me, I will show you all the details today!

The factors can influence beam pattern

Actually, there are 3 main factors can incluence headlight beam quality.
  1. LED chip.
  • Do not choose the headlight bulbs with big piece or squared LED chip, like COB chip, 50*50, 70*70 chips as below. Because these chips’ light is very scattered, will easily blind other persons.
XHP50 COB LED Headlight
Don’t choose the LED headlight kits with big squared or COB LED chips
  • The LED chips that can provide perfect beam performance are very narrow and longer length, like below pictures.
Lumileds LED Headlight Bulb
Small and narrow LED chips can provide perfect light beam quality
  1. LED location.
  • LED chips need to be located on the similar position as halogen bulb’s filament. If not, the light beam pattern will be poor.

Car LED lights

  1. LED Illumination sides.
  • Do not choose 3 or more sides illumination LED headlight bulbs, their lighting is also very scattered.
360 degree LED headlight conversion kit
Do not choose multi-sided LED headlight conversion kits

Various LED headlight bulbs’ light performance in reflector

Next, I would like to provide you the various bulbs’ light beam performances with reflector headlight assembly (Low beam) for your reference.

1. Halogen Bulb’s light beam.

Halogen bulb headlight
Halogen bulb beam pattern

2. COB chips LED headlight conversion kit, as we can see, there is no significant beam, lighting is very scattered.

COB LED Headlight Bulb
COB LED chip headlight beam pattern

3. 50*50 Squared LED chip LED conversion kit, the beam pattern is a little bit better than COB led performance, but also not good.

XHP50 Beam Pattern Headlight
Squared LED chip headlight bulb performance

4. 360 degrees LED headlight bulb, the beam pattern quality is very poor.

5. Narrow and long LED chip like Focos LED headlight kit. We can see, the beam pattern quality is the same as halogen bulb.

LED Conversion Kit
Perfect beam patter quality, the same as halogen bulb

After watching the beam pattern comparison, I believe you have got the skill to choose the perfect beam pattern LED headlight bulbs. Hope this blog will be helpful to you!