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best led lights for cars

Trent Quality Control

best led lights for cars

Strictest Quality Control System

Trent products have at least 8 quality control processes in our factory production, that can ensure we produce best led lights for cars. 

  • Raw materials quality checking when received them from suppliers – QC Dept.
  • Raw materials apearance checking in pre-production process – Production Dept.
  • Patrol inspection in production – QC Dept.
  • Function test in product production – Production Dept.
  • 100% bulbs aging test (4~8 hours per bulb) – Production Dept.
  • IP67 waterproof test (waterproof products) – QC Dept.
  • Function test in packing – Production Dept.
  • Final random inspection for completed products – QC Dept.
  • Others.

All Bulbs 4 Hrs Aging Test

US Walmart Quality Standard

Since 2017, Trent has been certified with SEDEX (SMETA), and became the long term supplier of US Walmart. Trent production is based on Walmart quality control standard, we provide the best led lights for cars to all of customers.

As an over 11 years experience automotive lighting company & manufacturer, Trent always make production based on the principle of “quality first” for all of our customers.

 Quality Control Equipment