APP Car Atmosphere Lights

In TRENT LED APP Car Atmosphere Lights, there are 4 main modes:

ARBG & RGB Mode — This mode provides more colorful light performance.

Color Setting Mode — It has unlimited color options for consumers operation. 

Preseted Animations Mode — 25 preseted animations function provide much easier operation method to users.

APP Music Reaction Mode — LED light will follow the playing music melody to light up with various colors.


ARGB Technology

ARGB is a new technology in Automotive LED lighting industry, it is able to light up with more colors in the same time. In TRENT LED APP, ARGB light mode has 7 different animations and 1 cycle animation in multi-color page.

Original RGB Technology

RGB is an traditional technology, has been using in car light industry for a long time. It only can light up 1 color at the same time.

Color Setting Mode

Unlimited Color Wheel

We set an unlimited color wheel for TRENT LED APP, that provides consumers more possibility in color selection.

DIY Multi-Color Setting

In TRENT LED APP, users can set multi-color design based on their need. The color setting is 7 colors max per design, which can be used in various Animations including RGB, ARGB animations and Music reaction modes.

Brightness Adjustment

APP users are able to adjust the brightness of LED light in TRENT LED APP.

Preseted Animation Mode

25 Preseted Animations

TRENT APP has 25 prested animations total, including Flash, Strobe, Pulse, Smooth (RGB) and 8 ARGB animations in both of Solid color and Multi-color modes, also 2 Music animations.

Light Up With Various Color Setting

All TRENT APP animations are available to light up with various color setting, including DIY customized multi-color designs.

Speed Adjustment

APP users can change the animations’ lighting speed in TRENT LED APP.

APP Music Reaction Mode

Microphone Music Mode

In this mode, LED light will react to the environment sound. You can open vehicle radio speaker etc., and operate APP to activate TRENT atmosphere light, make them work together.

Music List Mode

In this mode, LED light will follow mobile phone music sound which we are playing to react, not be influenced by environment voice. But for IOS devices, we have to insert music into TRENT APP music list by connecting iTunes in computer.

Car Atmosphere Lights

How To Operate TRENT LED APP ?

In TRENT Smart APP LED Headlight Kit:

APP Connection Color Control — TRENT smart LED headlight kit’s light color is adjustable by connecting with APP.

Yellow To White Color — Smart LED headlight color adjusting range is 3000K (Yellow) to 6500K (White). 

Headlight & Fog Light Installation — TRENT smart headlight kit can be installed into High Beam, Low Beam, Fog Light.

APP Headlight Color Control

Smart LED Headlight Kit APP System

TRENT LED headlight APP system is developed for controlling TRENT Smart LED headlight kit. By this APP and related TRENT headlight kit, consumers can change headlight color directly without replacing color glass tube, super easy!

3000K to 6500K Color Adjusting Range

TRENT smart headlight kit’s light color can be changed from 3000K yellow to 6500K pure white. Yellow light provide further visibility for poor weather conditions like rain, fog, snow etc.; White light give drivers a clearer view in good weathers.


Headlight & Fog Light Installation

TRENT smart headlamp can be installed into autos’ High Beam, Low Beam, Fog Light housings.

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