With over 6 months hardworking, TRENT has completed our owned APP Control System development. This APP system is able to control all kinds of TRENT APP lighting devices, including Color Changing LED Headlights, Automotive Decorative Lighting and so on. Today, we would like to share with you the function of LED Headlight Conversion Kit first.

How to download TRENT LED APP?

IOS version:

Android version:

Why do you need it?

You may have a confusion of choosing bulb between halogen and white LED headlight kit, as all we know:

Now, there is a perfect solution for it, TRENT LED color changing LED headlights APP control system.

How does it work?

The below video is to show how the APP works:

Review more details of TRENT LED APP

With TRENT LED APP system and related color changing LED headlights, you can adjust the headlight color easily.

Usage & Application

To use TRENT LED APP color adjustable headlight function, there are 2 factors are necessary:

Available products: