LED Headlight Conversion Kit

TITAN LED Headlight Conversion Kit

LED Conversion Kit

TITAN LED Headlight Conversion Kit

Trent Titan LED headlight conversion kit adopts high power LED chip, provide extremely bright white light, suitable for both of projector and reflector headlight assemblies of vehicles.

Main advantages:

  • High Brightness: with high power LED chip from Taiwan, Titan LED headlight projects 7,000Lm/kit, 300% comparing with OEM halogen bulb.
  • Long Lifespan: Trent uses 50,000hrs cooling fan and copper PCB on Titan headlight, provide best heat dissipation ability, that make sure LED chip working temperature less than 110°C (230°F).
  • Sustainable Output: due to powerful cooling system, LED light decay is very slow, so Titan brightness will keep high leve even after working 1~2 years, high illumination output is sustainable.

Incredible Brightness

Titan LED headlight conversion kit are specially developed for brightest light performance, provide much clear visibility to drivers, greatly improve the driving experience and safety.

How to get the extreme brightness?

  • Titan adopts preminum quality high power LED chip, 19W/LED.
  • Trent Titan bulb design is good at heat disspation, uses high speed cooling fan, copper PCB, largest aluminum sinks surface.
  • Based on the above 2 factors, Trent can set 40wattage power for Titan LED headlight bulbs, so is able to project 7,000Lm/kit super bright light.
projector headlight

Premium Quality & Powerful Cooling

Trent uses strictest standard to produce products, 100% bulbs have to be processed by 4~8hrs aging test before packing.

Also, Trent adopts powerful cooling fan, Vacuum reflow soldering technology and copper LED PCB in Titan headlight bulbs, make sure longer lifespan, and increase the bulb wattage.

Why do we use cooling fan?

  • Powerful cooling fan ensures efficient heat releasing ability, make our LED chip is around 100°C when working, so that slow the light decay process, and provide longer lifespan.
  • With stronger heat dissipation ability, we can increase product power to be higher (around 40W/bulb), provide brighter light.

Additional Information

SeriesTITAN Series LED Headlight Bulb
Brightness7000Lm Max/kit
Power40W Max/bulb
Light Color6500K Ultra White
VoltageDC 12~24V
Guarantee16 Months
Available ItemsH1, H3, H4(HB2 9003), H7, H8/H9/H11/H16JP, H13(9008), 9005(HB3)/9006(HB4)/H10, 9004(HB1)/9007(HB5), 9012(HIR2)