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Auto LED Lights Wholesale Titan LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs H4 HB2 9003 LED Headlight Kits

Looking for best price LED Headlight Bulbs? Just engage in Auto LED Lights Wholesale market, contact with TRENT, we are car led manufacturer and the supplier of US Walmart with best quality. Our “Titan” series LED Headlight Conversion Kits are brightest and powerful 7000Lm, and we provide long lifetime warranty service. 9003 bulbs

  • Projector Headlight Bulbs.
  • Reflector Headlamps.
  • Motorcycles’ Headlight.

Why Choose “Titan” LED Car Headlight Bulbs

1. Amazing Brightness & Visibility
  • Power LED chip from Taiwan, with 40W max per bulb, can project Max 7000Lm Light.
  • Pure White Light 6500K, provide most clear visibility.
  • Perfect focus beam pattern with wider and further light range (more than 200m/656′).
2. Longest Lifetime With Garrantee Service
  • Perfect temperature control system with Powerful 50,000hours life cooling fan.
  • Best heat dissipation material: Copper parts, Aviation aluminum parts.
  • The equivalence of IP67 standard, completely waterproof, can against extremely severe weathers.
3. What is real amazing brightness?
  • Super bright LED Headlight Kits are not difficult to make, the real difficulty is keeping the brightness for long period……
4. Easy installation
  • Non-polarity electrical system, Plug and Play without any modification.
  • Error Free LED Headlight exterior driver box with constant circuit system, fits more vehicles without flickering issue.
  • Super Mini size (Ø37*76mm) can fit more than 95% cars.
  • If your Car, Truck, SUV have flickering problem, it’s due to sensitive vehicle computer, connect a pair decoder can fix it.
  1. Name: Titan H4 headlights bulbs LED
  2. LED Chip: ETI from Taiwan
  3. Power: 40W Max
  4. Voltage Input: DC12V~24V
  5. Current: Maximum 3.0A
  6. Lumen: 7000Lm
  7. Color: 6500K Pure White
  8. Fan: Hydraulic Fan
  9. Lifespan: 30000 hours
  10. Warranty: 16 Months
All items of Pro LED Headlamps
Single BeamSocket fitmentH/L BeamSocket fitment
PROH7H7PRO90049004(HB1), 9007(HB5)
PROH11H8, H9, H11, H16JPPROH13H13, 9008
RPO90059005(HB3), 9006(HB4), H10(9140/9145)
Company Service
  • As automotive LED lights manufacturer, we provide bulk production.
  • Customized Service for Product development & Package design.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Professional Technical Support.
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Business Information
  • Business type: B2B, ODM or OEM
  • Company type: Car LED Light Factory , Automotive LED lights manufacturer (Guangdong province, China)
  • Client typewholesalers retailers trade companies chain store in car part territory and super market

Additional information

Socket Type

H4 (9003 HB2)


7000Lm Max/kit


40W Max/bulb

Light Color

6500K Ultra White


DC 12~24V


16 Months


6063 Aluminum Body;
Cooper PCB board;
Hydraulic Cooling Fan;
External Driver Box.

Available Items

H4(HB2 9003)
9005(HB3) /9006(HB4) /H10


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