CE ROHS approved 9005 LED headlight conversion 9005 HB3 LED bulb automotive LED replacement bulbs Factory

  • High Power 40W, super brightness 6000Lm
  • 24 Months guarantee
  • Certificates: CE&ROHS
  • Adjustable headlight base
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Higher price for high-level market

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With 40W high power, 8-SB LED headlight replacement bulb can project more than 6000Lm and 6500K ultra white light. For best quality, we adopt imported CREE XHP50 LED, Red copper PCB board, Dual ball bearing fan and other good components to ensure excellent quality.

Product details:

Product Name: 8S-B LED Headlight bulbs-9005 Color: 6500K Ultra White
LED Chip: CREE XHP-50 Voltage: DC12~24V
LED QTY(per bulb): 2pcs per bulb for 9005 Warranty: 24Months
Current: 2.9±0.2A Working environment temperature: -40~80℃
Power: 40W Waterproof: IP67
Lumen: 6000Lm per bulb  Certificates:  CE&ROHS

Application: automotive headlamp bulbs/headlight bulb replacement, Car fog light bulb

Bulb base: H4 (HB2, 9003), H13 (9008), 9004(HB1)/9007(HB5) —H/L beam

H7, H8/H9/H11/H16JP, H10/9005(HB3)/9006(HB4), 9012 —Single beam

Business type: B2B, ODM or OEM

Company type: factory (Kwangtung / Guangdong province, China)

Client type: wholesalers / retailers / trade companies / chain store in car part territory and super market etc.



Comparing with Halogen and HID bulb, LED headlight not only is brighter and has better visibility, but also energy-saving, longer lifespan and more durable.

Halogen HID LED
Illuminance 500~1000Lm 2000~3000Lm 4000~6000Lm
Power 55~100W 30~35W 20~40W
Energy transferring rate Around 10% 20~30% 30~40%
Lifespan 300~500H 3000H 10000~25000H
Temperature 500℃ 300~400℃ Around 100℃
Launch time Fast 0.1S Slow 5~6S Fast 0.1S



1. Super powerful light and better visibility

  • For brighter and high power light performance, we adopt imported CREE XHP50 in 8S-B LED headlight conversion kit. It’s more than 6000Lm (40W) per bulb, provide customers a super clear and wide visibility, makes drive become safer.
  •              CREE XHP50 LED chip

2. Durable and long lifespan:

  • A. Long lifespan: with CREE XHP50 LED, copper PCB board and dual ball bearing fan, 8S-B CREE led headlight can release heat efficiently, bulb temperature is lower, that makes 8S-B become very durable and long lifespan. We made continued burning test of 8S-B for more than 1 year (12 months), but 8S-B LED headlamp is still working.
  •              Copper PCB board                                                                   Dual-ball bearing fan                                                      High quality electronic components
  • B. Luminous decay: due to good CREE LED and lower temperature, 8S-B LED headlight’s luminous decay is very slow. You can see the test report as below.
  • C. Waterproof: we made test in water and ice, it also works well; waterproof rank: IP67
  • work in ice
  • Based on the above characters, we have confidence to provide 2 years warranty service. Actually, according to our analyzing, we believe 8S-B best LED headlight conversion maybe can work 3-5 years due to the 1 year continued burning test.

3. Easy installation and Plug & play

  • A. Small dimension: after continuing upgrade (based on customer’s suggestions), 8S-B LED replacement headlights dimension becomes very small, so it can be installed in almost every car headlight assembly without any modification.
  • B. CANBUS function: 8S-B LED automotive headlamps has a mature and stable electric system, it’s available working in more cars. Also, with LED decoder, it can be used in almost 100% cars, even for new Dodge Ram, Jeep, Ford, BMW cars.
  • C. Multipurpose base: due to multipurpose LED headlight base, 8S-B bulb just has 7 items (H4, H7, H8/H9/H11/H16JP, H13, 9004/9007, 9005/9006/H10, 9012), and H13, 9005/9006/H10, 9012 3 items’ bases are 360 angle adjustable, customers can adjust the base according to their headlight assembly for better light performance, very convenient.

4. Professional customized and after-sales services

Customized service:

  • A. We can put your logo on the products.
  • B. We are able to design customized package for you.
  • C. Our R&D team can upgrade products based on your need.

After-sales service:

  • A. Our professional sales team can answer your product questions.
  • B. For installation and CANBUS question etc., our North American branch can reply you. They are veteran in practice. Also, they can speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and so on.