Best LED Headlight Bulb – Bulb Dimension

You may very happy due to purchase a very good looking LED front headlight bulb. However, if you can’t install them into your vehicle because of bigger bulb dimension, that will be an upset thing. Bulb dimension is a very important factor for LED headlight bulbs, it’s both for consumers and sellers. Without smaller size and proper shape for LED front headlight bulb, it will be very difficult to mounte bulbs into most vehicles’ headlight assembly. Now, Trent would like to share some details of headlight bulb dimension, to help you to find the suitable products.

Why do LED headlight conversion kits’ designs must be proper in dimension?

Comparing with halogen bulb, LED headlight bulbs are not standard products. So, factories can design various shapes, structures, dimentions for their LED headlights. However, bulb dimension can’t be desiged randomly, because all the auto headlight assemblies’ designs are based on factory halogen bulbs. The smaller LED headlights are, the easier their installation are.

In the other hand, to get higher brightness, LED headlight bulb design is limited by heat dissipation ability, the bigger size aluminum part is, the better heat dissipation bulb is. So the LED front headlight bulb can not be very smaller, except OEM style LED headlamps.

How to identify if the bulb dimension is proper?
1. The whole bulb dimension
2. The distance between bulb socket and bottom.

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