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Can LED headlights bulb over 10,000Lumen?

The LED headlight lumen value advertisement in market

If you review LED headlight bulbs online, you must find out a lot of bulbs which are over 10,000lumen, 20,000lumen, even more. As we can see the below image, based on the seller’s description, this LED headlight is 15,000lumen, 20,000lumen. Actually, this is a widespread phenomenon in market. You may ask: are these lumen values accurate or real?

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Overstating Lumen Value problem in LED Headlight Industry

The real lumen range for LED conversion kits

As a professional LED automotive lighting developer and producer, we can definitely tell you, these values are over-exaggerated. We tested a huge number of LED headlight kits by professional light spectrum analyzer in our factory, including the products both of in market and ours. Based on our testing experiences, for the stable quality products, LED headlight conversion kits with cooling fan are around 1,500~4,000Lm/bulb initially, and less than 1,800Lm/bulb for the products without cooling fan initially. Take our Titan 2.0 LED headlight kit for example, it’s about 3600Lm/bulb based on analyzer testing.

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3600Lm/bulb Titan 2.0 LED Headlight kit

Please note, I didn’t say there is no bulb brighter than this lumen range in market, this range is just for stable quality products only. Why do I say this? Because there are some factories want make their products can get a better and higher value in initiation working, they unreasonably increased the bulbs’ power (wattage) without considering the heat dissipation ability. That can definitely make their bulb got high lumen value, looks like brighter, but will fast fall down after 1~3months. The reason is simple, LED chips can’t bear over-heat temperature for long time, if so, LED chip will easily burn out, or get heavy light decay, light output become very dim in short time.

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This method can get better and higher value in beginning, but it is not so good for driving safety. Because we know, clear visibility for driving is extremely important, so make headlight bulbs’ brightness be sustainable is also very important.

LED conversion kit’s lumen tests for reference

Finally, we would like to share some LED headlight bulbs’ real lumen value for reference as below, hope they will be helpful to you.

LED headlight Lumen
Lumen values of LED headlight bulbs over 30W
LED Headlight Kit Lumen
Lumen values of LED headlight bulbs less than 30W