There are more and more kind of LED Headlight conversion kit in market, they are different in appearance design, dimension, LED chip etc, wattage etc, that confuse so many customers. As an expert in Automotive lighting market, we would like to share our knowledge for your reference, to help you find the Best Automotive LED headlight kit product.

Actually, we think the most important points of LED is including: Perfect light performance, Long lifespan, Easy installation. Also the price is very important to customers. The first article is about light performance.

Perfect light performance

This point has 2 important facters: The brightness, Focus beam.

1. Brightness

The most advantage feature of Good LED headlight replacement bulb is super bright light comparing with Halogen and HID bulbs, normally is more than 4000~6000Lm/kit. But there are many LED headlight bulbs weaker than HID, the main reason is in LED chip and power (Wattage).

Normally, High power LED chip has much higher maximum brightness capability. For example, like CREE XHP50 chip, we are able to make bulb to be ultra bright with this LED.

Even for the same LED chips, the brightness also might be different due to differnt power input. For example as below images, these 2 headlights are with the same high power CREE LED, but the first one is brighter due to higher wattage (the data is detected by light analyzer machine).

You can see our 39.15W CREE XHP50 bulb is 2600Lm/bulb, another company’s 36.77W bulb is 2100Lm/bulb.

2. Light Beam Pattern

Beam pattern is another most important factor for light performance. Without very good beam pattern, it doesn’t only cause short illuminating distance to us, but also maybe dazzles the opposite vehicle drivers eyes, increase the driving risk.

For best automotive LED headlight replacement bulb, to avoid poor beam pattern, it should be with 3 features:

All original headlight light source positions and headlight assembly shapes of vehicles are based on original halogen bulb. So, to obtain the best beam pattern, making LED chips fitting the halogen bulb light source position is necessary.

With this feature, the LED headlight bulb will be suitable for projector headlight assembly.

Mini Size LED Headlight VS Halogen

Pro LED Headlight Size VS Halogen

If your vehicle headlight assembly is reflector, you will need the thinner LED Headlight bulbs as below image (left):

The above left bulb is better in beam pattern than the right, but the brightness might be little bit less (thinner metal thickness is less efficient heat dissipation).

Best Beam Pattern LED Headlamp Kits

Normally, Long & thin LED chips formation (below image left) is better than wide LED chip (below image right) in beam pattern.

The left bulb is better in beam pattern.