There are more and more kind of LED Headlight kit in market, they are different in appearance design, dimension, LED chip etc, wattage etc, that confuse most customer. As an expert in Automotive lighting market, we would like to share our knowledge for your reference, to help you find the Best LED headlight Bulbs for you.

Actually, the most important points of LED are including:

Also the price is very important to customers. In the first article, we would like to share you the knowledge of Lifespan

There is no doubt, every customer want to have the most durable product, that means longer lifespan. But how to identify if the bulb is durable? We have 3 factors for your reference.

1. LED chip quality

LED chip type has a withstanding range of high temperature. For example, CREE XHP50 is around 150℃ (302℉) Max, and another cheaper LED is maybe 120℃ (248℉) Max, if with the same wattage and the working temperature is over 110℃ (230℉), then another will be very easy burning. So it’s necessary to use famous brand or company’s LED chip.

CREE LED Automotive Headlamp

CREE XHP50 chip

Also, the best quality LED chip will extremely slow the illumination decay process, keep headlight bulb in ultra brightness.

Low illumination decay

CREE XHP50 illumination decay of Trent 8SB LED Headlight bulb

2. LED Headlight Power

More wattage input, more brightness from LED chip, also means more heat. So, make the Wattage is within reasonable range is very important. In our experience, the Max reasonable wattage is around 40Wattage/bulb for fan cooling headlight bulb.

3. Efficient LED heat cooling ability.

Efficient LED heat cooling ability is very vital factor, it depends on the reasonable design. In this section, TRENT has a lot of experience to share.

A. The contact rate between LED and PCB board.

the more the contact area is, the more efficient the cooling ability is. The below image is our LED chip inspected by X ray. It’s close to 100% area contact (with special High technology welding process). This is why TRENT products are always durable and ultra long lifespan.

Best Quality LED Headlight Conversion Kit

B. Adopt best heat conduction metal (like Copper) as the core parts (like LED PCB board).

That make sure the massive heat can be emitted out from  LED chip. Even if it will take more cost, but it’s worthwhile, all TRENT LED headlight conversion kit is made with Copper PCB board.

Copper PCB Board LED Headlight

Copper PCB board for LED Headlamps

For LED Headlight Replacement Bulbs without cooling fan.
C. Cooling part shape design is also very important.

The big aluminum part needs to be large enough for dimension and heat releasing area. Without this, heat can’t be dissipated fast, and LED chip will be damaged by high temperature. But, too large part will make installaion difficult, the vehicle assembly space is limited.

D. For the LED Headlight Bulbs with ribbon, like copper, aluminum.

It’s easier to install due to smaller dimension. But, we suggest you to install it based on the guide from veteran, and make sure the ribbons to be diffuse as possible. If you install it yourself by improper way, the heat is hard to release, then LED will be easy burning.

E. Cooling fan is the main factor for lifespan of the LED Headlight bulbs with fan.

There are so many kinds of fan products in the market, but the price and quality are big different. The price of Good quality fan is higher than cheaper fan maybe twice.