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Focos LED Headlight Kit 9004 HB1 9007 HB5

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Focos Headlight Bulb LED

Trent “Focos” series headlight bulb LED is developed for best light beam pattern quality for both of Refectors and Projectors of vehicles’ headlamps. With LUXEON Z ES LED and powerful cooling fan, Focos LED headlight kit is super durable, very long working lifespan.

Product’s main advantages

  • It’s the same light beam as OEM halogen bulb, suitable for both of Reflector & Projector, and no scattaered lighting to opposite vechiles, no blinding risk with low beam, greatly improve the driving safety.
  • Lighting focused beam design like halogen bulb, that makes Focos LED headlight bulb can provide much brighter light performance than other general bulbs.
  • Trent manage production based strictest quality rules, 100% bulbs will be made 4~8 hours aging test before packing.

Best Light Beam & Supper Brightness

Focos headlight bulb LED is not only perfect in beam pattern for both of reflectors and projectors, but also much higher brightness comparing with other general LED headlight bulbs.

Preminum Features:

  • As we can see, our Focos LED headlight bulb’s beam pattern is almost the same as halogen bulb even inside of Reflector headlamp.
  • Focos headlight bulb’s lux is about 2700lux in 15′ (4.57m) testing, 300% brightness comparing with halogen bulb, it’s much better than most bulbs in market. That means our headlight kit can illuminate further distance on road.
LED Headlight Conversion Kit
Focos headlight VS halogen bulb in Reflector
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Other General Headlight Beam Pattern

In the market, more LED headlight bulbs have no good beam pattern like halogen bulb. Also the lux value is very low, near to halogen bulb.

What if bulb has no good beam pattern

Lumileds Z ES Headlight Bulb LED

We adopt Lumileds Z ES LED in Focos LED headlight conversion kit, it’s famous for premium quality in LED industry. It provides our products more durable and longer lifespan. 

Why we choose Z ES LED?

  • Lumileds Z ES LED chip has stronger capability to resist super heat, can bear 170~180°C high temperature, prevent LED chip from burning out.
  • Z ES LED chip is very suitable for vehicle headlight lighting performance design, it has been adopt on various brands’ LED headlight bulbs in the past many years.
  • This LED chip light output is sustainable, light decay is very slight, can make our LED headlight kit still super bright even working over very long time.
Lumileds Z ES
LED Headlight Bulb

Premium Quality

Quality is one of the most important points in purchasing, but it’s very difficult to identify which is the best in so many of factories in market. Almost every company claims high quality, that greatly confuses purchasers. Now, let’s see how Trent produce products.

How to make it?

  • Continuous lifespan test: We always make continuous lifespan test in all products’ development with 6~12 months until burning out.
  • High standard in raw materials purchase: Trent only buy raw materials from big responsible companies, especially LED chip, various electronic components etc.
  • 100% bulbs age test with 4~8 hrs: Before packaging, Trent will do 4~8 hrs age test for ever bulb. Other factories only do 1~2 hrs for a few products randomly.

Why Trent?

As a professional automotive lighting manufacturer with 13 years experience, we are able to provide premium quality products with best prices.

Trent’s Advantages

  • We have strong R&D team, can provide excellent product design and development service based on customers’ needs.
  • Trent’s design team is able to provide more customized service, artwork, package design etc. Customers can save much time and money to start their new product lines faster and easier.
  • We are SEDEX approved factory, and the long term supplier of US Walmart, O’Reilly auto parts etc. We focus on high and middle level products market, quality always premium.
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