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Focos LED Headlight Kit 9005 9006 H10

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LED Light Conversion Kit

“Focos” LED Light Conversion Kit

Titan “Focos” series LED light conversion kit is able to provide best beam pattern for both of reflector and projector headlight. We use LUXEON Z ES LED chip and durable cooling fan to make it to be a premium lighting product.

Product’s advantages

  • As the light performance testing picture based on reflector headlight assembly, Focos LED headlight bulb is almost the same pattern beam as factory halogen bulb.
  • Extremely bright light, about 300% Lux value comparing with halogen bulb (in 15’/4.57m distance).
  • Trent produce “Focos” headlight bulb with high standard raw materials, make sure the bulb is premium quality.


Trent uses LUXEON Z ES LED chip in Focos headlight conversion kit, so that provides incredible brightness and durability.

Preminum Features:

  • High Brightness: in our Reflector light testing, Focos LED headlight kit projects 2700lux in 15 feets (4.57meter) distance, which is 300% brightness comparing with factory halogen bulb.
  • Long Lifespan: Z ES LED is famous of premium quality, crystallization temperature is over 150°C (other general LED is around 120°C), super durable, that provides long lifespan.
  • Sustainable Output: Z ES LED’s lighting output won’t keep falling down even after long term working. Focos LED replacement headlight bulbs’ high brightness is sustainable.
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Reflector Headlight Bulb

The King Of Light Beam Pattern

Due to best light beam pattern quality, Focos LED headlight bulb is perfectly suit both of Reflector and Projector headlight assemblies.

How can it acheive best beam pattern?

  • We design Focos LED light conversion kit based on simulating the light emitting principle of factory halogen bulb, the LED PCB is extremely thin, only 2mm.
  • The LED chips are the same as halogen bulb filament both in shape and location.
  • Based on the above 2 factors, Focos LED headlight bulb can provide almost the same light beam as factory halogen bulb.

The Risk Of Scattered Light

Most of LED headlight bulbs in market focus on higher brightness, but without high quality beam pattern, so will project strong scatter light to the front side if installed in Reflector headlight assembly.

Why is beam pattern so important?

  • In reflectors, if the light of LED light conversion kit is too scatter, then it will blind the oppsite drivers and walkers temporarily, weaken their eyesight, they can’t see the road situation clearly.
  • For your driving, because the scatter light cannot be transmitted to far distance, then your front view will be very dim, and not clear.
  • Poor light beam quality and scatter light will be very passive for both of you and the opposite drivers’ visibility, that produces higher driving risk.
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Premium & Strictest Quality Control

Quality is the most important factor for product purchasing, but it’s very difficult to distinguish which is the best in so many of factories, because almost every maker advertise “high quality”, that greatly confuses purchasers. Now, let’s see how Trent produce products.

How do we produce light products?

  • Continuous lifespan test: We make continuous lifespan test for all products in development period with 6~12 months until burning out.
  • High standard in raw materials purchase: Trent only buy raw materials from big responsible companies, especially LED chip, various electronic components etc.
  • Every bulb 4~8 hrs age test: Before packaging, we do 4~8 hrs age test for ever bulb. Other companies only do 1~2 hrs for a few products randomly.

Sustainable High Brightness

There are so many LED headlight bulbs are extremely bright in the beginning usage, but it will keep falling down after a short period, and to be dimmer. Even if the bulb still can work, the weaker light still will be unmeaningful, because driver almost can’t see anything clearly.

How about Trent bulbs’ brightness decay?

  • Most of high power LED headlight bulbs in market is super bright in beginning few months. After that, a big part bulbs’ brightness will keep falling down fast to be less than 60%.
  • Trent uses Lumileds Z ES LED, efficient cooling system (fan, copper PCB etc.). We make sure the LED chip working temperature will be around 110°C (other factories’ bulbs are over 140~150°C). So that Trent headlight bulb is not only long lifespan, but the high brightness is sustainable, over 70%~80% brightness even after 1~2 years working.
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