Focos LED Headlight Kit H4 HB2 9003

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Focos Series LED Lights Headlights

Focos LED lights headlights are designed to provide best quality light beam pattern for Refectors and Projectors of vehicles. We adopt LUXEON Z ES LED and powerful cooling fan to ensure premium product quality.

Product’s main advantages

  • Almost the same light beam pattern as OEM halogen bulb, suitable for both of Reflector & Projector, and no dazzling light to opposite side, greatly improve the driving safety.
  • Focos headlight uses efficient fan cooling system, that allows us to increase wattage value (24W/bulb), provide much higher brightness.
  • Trent manage production based strictest quality rules, 100% bulbs will be made 4~8 hours aging test before packing.


Trent uses LUXEON Z ES LED chip in Focos LED lights headlights, provide super bright and sustainable light output, long lifespan.

Preminum Features:

  • High Brightness: with LUXEON Z ES LED chip, Focos LED headlight projects 4000Lm/kit, 200% comparing with OEM halogen bulb.
  • Long Lifespan: Z ES LED is high quality in automotive lighting industry, the junction temperature is over 150°C (Trent headlight’s LED working temperature is only around 100°C), that ensure product will be long lifespan.
  • Sustainable Output: Z ES LED’s output won’t keep falling down, will still have around 70% brightness at least even after long term usage. So, Focos LED headlight bulbs’ output is sustainable.
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The King Of Light Beam Pattern

Focos LED Lights Headlights are specially developed for obtain high quality beam pattern, they can be perfectly installed into both of Reflector and Projector headlight assemblies.

How can it acheive best beam pattern?

  • Focos LED headlight bulb uses 2mm LED PCB, it simulate the light projecting angle of OEM halogen bulbs.
  • The LED chip are the same as halogen bulb’s filament both in shape and location.
  • Based on the above 2 factors, Trent Focos headlight can provide almost the same perfect light beam pattern as OEM halogen bulb.

The Risk Of Blinding Light

So many LED headlight bulbs in market are super bright, but most of them has no qualified light beam pattern, their lighting is scattering and dazzling when we install them into reflector headlight assemblies.

Why is light beam pattern important?

  • For the reflectors, if the thickness between 2 sides’ LEDs is larger, the projected lighting will be too dazzling to the oppsite drivers and walkers. That will weaken their eyesight, they can’t see the front road situation.
  • On the other hand, because your vehicle’s lighting is dispersed, so the illumination distance will be very short, then your view is not clear and not far.
  • Worse beam pattern quality will weaken the views for both of you and the opposite drivers, that cause high driving risk.
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Premium Quality & Powerful Cooling

Trent production and inspection are based on strictest standard, 100% bulbs have to pass 4~8hrs aging test before packing.

Also, Trent adopts powerful cooling fan, Vacuum reflow soldering technology and copper LED PCB in Focos headlight kit, ensure the product’s long lifespan, and improve the light intensity of bulb.

Why do we use cooling fan?

  • Powerful cooling fan ensures efficient heat releasing ability, make our LED chip is around 100°C when working, so that slow the light decay process.
  • With stronger heat dissipation ability, we can increase product Wattage to be higher (around 24W/bulb), provide brighter light (4000Lm/kit).

Plug & Play, Easy Installation

Focos LED lights headlights are very easy installation, no need any modification, completely plug & play.

Why is it easy installation?

  • Mini product size, only 71*Ø37mm for H4, H7, H11, 9005, 9012 bulbs, can installed into almost every vehicles (except a few cars with special headlight assemblies like VolksWagen Golf, Jett etc.)
  • Focos headlight has Non-polarity electronic system, can be mounted into vehicle directly, no need to check the polarity before installation.
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