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192" ARGB Full Underglow Kit APP Control

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Underglow Kit

192″  Underglow Kit For Full Vehicle

192″ full underglow kit is a new generation automotive decorative / ambient / atmosphere light, can be fully installed under vehicle underbody. With new ARGB technology, it provides extremely cool lighting performance.


  • Automotive Decorative / Ambient / Atmosphere light.
  • Vehicle warning light.
  • Car exterior light.
  • Auto warning light.

App Bluetooth Smart Control System

Trent developed an owned Bluetooth control system App Trent LED. With this App, you can control all Trent App smart lighting kit products by connecting your iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, no need any addional devices like remote controler etc. Download TRENT LED App.

Our App smart lighting system’s control range is over 30′ (10 meters), very sensitive and convenient to users.

Trent LED App advantages

  • Unlimited color options with color wheel.
  • DIY multi-color sequence setting function.
  • 25 different preset animations (like Strobe, Flash, Rapid scan etc.)
  • Microphone, Music list reaction animations.
App Driven Automotive Lighting
ARGB RGB Automotive Ambient Light

New ARGB Technology

Trent 31201 192″ Full underbody kit adopt new ARGB technology, the light performance will be much cool than tranditional RGB lighting kit.

The difference between ARGB & RGB

  • ARGB lighting is able to project so many different color light in the same time, and meanwhile make various movement.
  • Traditional RGB lighting can only light up with 1 color in the same time, and no any light movement.
  • Basically, ARGB lighting is much more powerful and good looking than RGB lighting.

App Music Reaction Modes

Trent LED App has 2 music reaction modes: Microphone and Music List. They will make Trent App lighting react the environment sounds or the music in your cellphone, provide extremely energetic lighting performance.

How they exactly work:

  • Microphone mode: the light will react the sounds of your environment, you can activate this mode while open vehicle radio, and enjoy your driving.
  • Music list mode: the light will only follow your cellphone Trent LED App music’s tune and light up. It won’t be influenced by the environment sounds around user.
  • Both of multi-color and solid color are available for Music function.
App Driven Music Ambient Lighting
Underglow Kit

Premium Product Quality

For 192″ ARGB full underglow light kit, Trent adopts high class silicon tube (SGS report gray scale in highest leve 4~5), very durable. With special sealed workmanship for silicon tube, meet the IP67 standard.

Also we make strict waterproof workmanship to other parts, so whole set product is completely waterproof.

What does gray scale 4~5 mean?

Gray scale 4~5 means our tube material is able to against 334 hours Aging test (Xenon-arc exposure environment) based on SGS standard, and no evident yellowing or visual melting.

That can ensure our product surface won’t be yellowed or melted within 1 year. 

Trent’s Patented Micro Connector

We developed an unique micro connector for Trent App lighting kits’ light strips, electronic wires. Different from other general 4 pin connector, our Male connector are deeply inserted into Female connector. So our connection is extremely firm, not easy to loose or break.

Also will inject waterproof glue inside of Female connector, so our connector meets IP67 standard too.

Extendable and DIY options

Trent micro connector provide extendable option to users, so that they can make more DIY lighting works based on their need.

Automotive Ambient Light