It’s the best time of a year late spring tries in vain, with its capital veiled in willows to outvie.

It’s a glorious April, in Trent LED lights for cars factory, there is one of the most beauitiful early spring views, which far outshines the city’s poplar twilight. That is our employees.

They are working overtime to get their products to customers on time.

They focus on quality, only to achieve the lowest rate of repairing product.

Specialize in LED lights for cars technology, only to provide customers with more innovative quality products.

They are professional and responsible, only to the greatest extent to meet customer needs.

They exert a great deal of power in mundane jobs.

Becoming a better version of himself.

It has become a role model for us.

TRENT’s April excellent employees list, now released.

1. Haiyong Peng — Assiduously reaserch, develop and innovate based on position.

2. Yanying Su — As long as you work in one direction, everyhing will become handy.

3. Kaiwei Long — The tight time and non-stop footsteps make people more passionate and motivated.

4. Guimei Xiao — No distractions, one must concentrate.

5. Jane — Setting goals, making plans and high execution is the last word.

6. Wenlong Zhang — Masculine man do things vigorously.

7. Chengyi Chen — Double efficiency is my work attitude.

8. Xiaorong Xiao — Efficiency is in my hands, quality is in my heart.

9. Guanyi Chen — Success requires a down-to-earth and conscientious work.

10. Kaijun Long — Efficiency is the soul of doing a good job.

They use their passion to create extraordinary things in ordinary posts.

Earn their own honor with feet on the ground.

They are role models.

They are more of a mirror, inspiring you and me.

“Struggle is the most beautiful background of youth.”

Trent also has many such “them”.

Expect you to be the next.

TRENT Business Information