How To Get Best Beam Pattern LED Headlight Kit?

LED Headlight Bulb For Reflector

How to get the best beam pattern LED headlight kit? The problem we have in headlight beam quality On the blog “How to identify the LED headlight beam pattern”, we talked about the dangers of poor beam pattern. Like, producing scattered lighting to blind the opposite vehicles’ drivers, can’t light up further distance, weakening our […]

Best LED Headlight Bulb – Light Color

Best LED Headlight Bulb – Light Color Due to super bright and energy-saving, there are more and more people install LED headlight conversion kits into their vehicles to replace factory halogen bulbs. However, there are so many kinds of LED headlight bulbs in market, they are different in price, quality, structure, appearance, features. To know […]

TRENT Excellent Employees on April 2021

LED Lights For Cars

It’s the best time of a year late spring tries in vain, with its capital veiled in willows to outvie. It’s a glorious April, in Trent LED lights for cars factory, there is one of the most beauitiful early spring views, which far outshines the city’s poplar twilight. That is our employees. They are working […]

LED Atmosphere Lights For Car APP Control System

ambient lighting car

TRENT LED APP Control System is developed to control all kinds of TRENT APP lighting devices. Including led atmosphere lights for car (decorative lighting), color adjustable LED headlamps etc. It has Unlimited color options, ARGB rapid scan animations, Music reacation animations, provide super bright and amazingly beautiful light performance. How to download TRENT LED APP? […]

Car LED Headlight Halogen Comparing

LED Headlight Halogen

Recent years, more and more people choose LED Headlight replacement bulb to replace their original halogen bulb. Because LED headlight has many advantages comparing with Halogen bulb, including brightness, energy saving, very long life, etc. 1. Super bright LED Headlight bulb can project more than 3000~6000Lumen light, and Halogen bulb just is 500~1000Lumen, more than […]