Recent years, more and more people choose LED Headlight replacement bulb to replace their original halogen bulb. Because LED headlight has many advantages comparing with Halogen bulb, including brightness, energy saving, very long life, etc.

1. Super bright

LED Headlight Halogen

2. Very cool white color

6500K White LED Headlight Kit

3. See further (LED 150 meters, Halogen 50 meters)

LED Headlight Halogen

4. Energy saving and Eco-friendly

5. Extreme long life (LED 3~5 years, halogen 6 months)

LED Headlight Kit Temperature

Halogen LED
Brightness 500~1000Lm 3000~6000Lm
Power 55~100W 20~40W
Energy transferring rate Around 10% 30~40%
Average working lifespan 300~500Hrs (less than 6 months) 10,000~30,000Hrs (3~5 years)
Temperature 500℃ Around 100℃
Launch time Fast 0.1S Fast 0.1S
Price Lowest Higher