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LED Grill Lights Kit 3 Pods - Amber

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Amber LED Grill Lights Kit 3Pods

Trent 3 Pods LED Grill Lights Kit has 15pcs ultra bright 3528 LED chips with amber color light. It has warning light and decorative light functions, can be easily installed on Truck, SUV, Car etc.

Product’s main advantages

  • Super bright amber light, make sure your vehicle can easily be discovered, greatly enhance your driving safety.
  • Universal for Truck, SUV, Car etc.
  • Non-polarized connection system, no need to check polarity before installation.
  • Shock & Water Resistant IP67.
  • Installation tools are ready, including 3M™ dual sides tapes and wire clips etc.

Enhance Driving Safety

#31321 LED Grill Light Kit provides ultra bright amber light. It not only makes your vehicle to be more cool, but also enhances your driving safety.

Premium Features:

  • Ultra Bright: with 15pcs 3528LED chips per pod (45pcs total), our Grill light is ultra bright.
  • Light Color: Comparing with other colors, amber light is much easier to be transmitted especially in severe weathers, like fog, rain, snow etc.
  • Safety Improvement: with super bright amber light, your vehicle can easily be discovered from opposite side, greatly improve your driving safety.
LED Grille Light
LED Grille Light

Easy Installation

Our LED Grill Light Kit is super easy installation, universal for Truck, SUV, Car. We prepared enough installation tools for users. 

Installation Advantage

  • LED Grill light pods can be connected to the power source based on your need. For example with sidemarkers, headlights, fog lights, parking lights, independently and more! 
  • 3M™ dual sides tape can stick light pod on Grill firmly.
  • The cable clips can easily break the cable PVC surface, and connect to vehicle power cable directly.
  • Non-Polarity power connection, no need to check polarity before installation.

IP67 Shock & Water Resistant

This LED Grill Lights Kit is shock and water resistant, so it’s able to against poor weathers and rugged road condition.

How to make it?

  • In the light housing, we filled it with glue, completely sealed. And the glue we used is UV 4~5, won’t be yellowed even over 1 year.
  • The cable connectors are also completely water resistant.
  • No water entrance in our IP67 waterproof test (30minutes with 1meter under water).