Best LED Headlight Bulb – Brightness

Best Automotive LED Headlight

There are more and more kind of LED Headlight conversion kit in market, they are different in appearance design, dimension, LED chip etc, wattage etc, that confuse so many customers. As an expert in Automotive lighting market, we would like to share our knowledge for your reference, to help you find the Best Automotive LED […]

Car LED Headlight Halogen Comparing

LED Headlight Halogen

Recent years, more and more people choose LED Headlight replacement bulb to replace their original halogen bulb. Because LED headlight has many advantages comparing with Halogen bulb, including brightness, energy saving, very long life, etc. 1. Super bright LED Headlight bulb can project more than 3000~6000Lumen light, and Halogen bulb just is 500~1000Lumen, more than […]